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Balancing Employee's Work-lives and Personal-lives for Over Two Decades

A pioneer and leader in dependent care as it relates to work and life services for over 25 years, EmployeeCare can provide your clients with comprehensive dependent care and Work-Life resources, educational materials and referrals telephonically and/or via our intranet, 24 hours a day. EmployeeCare’s services are flexible by design.

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Working Together

EmployeeCare is the only Work-Life vendor that partners exclusively with Employee Assistance Providers (EAPs), Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), Unions and Healthcare organizations. 

In continuance of excellence in the Work-Life Services arena, we have enhanced our suite of services, marketing support and service delivery. 

Being the only Work-Life vendor that does not market its services directly to employers, our sole purpose is not only to be your partner but to also augment your platform so that your organization can be its most competitive.  

By working together, we can create unique solutions for supporting your specific needs and the needs of your clients, to maintain that delicate balance between work and life responsibilities.

We provide quality services to our small, medium, large and very large clients


Creating Work-Life Balance

For nearly 25 years, EmployeeCare has offered individualized services to create work-life balance for employees. For more information, please click the link below.

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