e-News Letter

The e-Newsletters are distributed monthly via e-mail, either direct to employees, through management or by whichever protocol you decide. 

The e-Newsletter is a great support and FREE add-on to our work-life intranet services.

The Employee e-Newsletter contains useful articles. Topics include: child and eldercare issues, health, legal, travel and holiday and summer tips.

The e-Newsletter is primarily designed to both inform and increase traffic to "your" work-life intranet as all the articles are linked to articles that exist on the website.

The Management/Reseller e-Newsletter is designed to help management as well as resellers understand what work-life services are and how to better promote and/or sell work-life services.

Articles include: "How and why should you brand your work-life services?", "Why do employees need work-life services?", and "What is the difference between work-life benefits and work-life programs?"

e-Newsletter Utilization Reports: We submit to you monthly e-newsletter utilzation reports that tell you how many employees read the e-newsletter and which articles or topics they were most interested in. It is a great supplement to our regular utilization reports as it helps to portray the total work-life usage picture.