Childcare / Eldercare Network

Child Care:  EmployeeCare provides employees access to over 500,000 in-home family and group care providers, access to over 2000 nationally accredited corporate daycare facilities and childcare placement agencies nationwide plus access to emergency dependent care services. Employees also have access to conference care.

EmployeeCare also offers a wealth of resources and information on the resolution of child care issues as well as child care for special needs children and adoption services. Lactation classes, pediatric CPR and child safety classes are also available

Elder/Adult Care:  EmployeeCare offers access to over 500,000 national independent living, nursing care, assisted living and Alzheimer’s care facilities as well as locators for other senior living options. In addition EmployeeCare offers senior, elder, spousal care and even mid-life options and solutions. EmployeeCare addresses the issues of in-home care, Medicare and Medicaid assistance, retirement, estate & financial planning as well as concerns regarding death and dying.