Telephonic Services

Our call center is not only available 24 hours a day/7 days per week but is HIPAA compliant and staffed with Masters Level generalists trained to assess and consult on a variety of work-life issues. If necessary or requested, employees also receive confidential telephonic child and/or geriatric consultation by a trained specialist. Our consultants are also accessible by e-mail.

Unlike other work-life services, all our call center counselors are also clinicians who are trained to detect possible mental or emotional issues, provide crisis intervention in emergency situations and/or respond with the protocol of the client and/or EAP industry.

After consultation, employees receive comprehensive personalized reports complete with educational material, resources and referrals. This is as opposed to generalized preprinted pamphlets and materials that may not address an employees specific needs.

Finally, our counselors follow-up each case to make sure that the employees issues have been resolved.

Our focus is on child, geriatric and other work-life issues such as:

Building a Family

Helping parents understand the physical, social and emotional changes that go with being pregnant, giving birth and caring for a new baby. EmployeeCare provides a comprehensive way for new families to learn about what to expect and how to be ready. Our counselors and website address  topics such as budgeting for baby, morning sickness, prenatal exercises, choosing a delivery method, combating soreness after birth, breast-feeding vs. formula-feeding, sleeping and much more.

Managing Work & Family

EmployeeCare offers a fresh look at the difficult job of balancing work and family. Our resources and referrals help working parents succeed at work and at home by providing access to this collection of practical information and tools. Workplace topics include tips on organization, productivity and family leave. Home tips cover maintaining family relationships, finding child care, family meetings and other day-to-day survival strategies. Balancing issues such as stress and guilt are included, as are pages for those managing employees with families.

Aging and Elder Care

Created to help support family as well as professional caregivers, EmployeeCare's extensive resources and referrals covering all aspects of aging and elder care -- from understanding the physical factors of aging and identifying common elder health issues, to knowing when to help, taking care of yourself, and dealing with the psychological and physical issues associated with elder care. Includes a first-aid and tips on making the home safe and livable for elders.