Work-Life Coaching

Work-Life Coaching, however, is a proactive service that every employee on every level should and could utilize. After utilizing our Work-Life Coaching services, your clients employees will be better equipped to address and/or avoid potential work-life conflicts. In addition, Work-Life Coaching educates your clients employees with regard to all the work-life services offered. 

A value added by-product of implementing our Work-Life Coaching Services is that it will increase your clients overall Work-Life Services utilization as well as offer an introduction to the full scope of available services.

Each of your client's employees (and their immediate family) would be eligible to receive a personalized assessment. Based on the results of that assessment, they would then receive personalized suggestions, ideas and resources to better balance their work and personal lives as well as address potential Work-Life issues. Your client's employees would also receive an education as to the Work-Life Services that your company offers.